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Various organisations ask for photographs of applicants etc. It’s important to provide an attractive image rather than just a passport type photograph. That is the purpose of our MINI-STUDIO. This service is useful for European/USA CV purposes, Facebook, LinkedIn, Air Crew applications etc. Give yourself a huge advantage by supplying a miniature portrait rather than an official ID photograph.
A MINI-PORTRAIT takes about 15 minutes and allows for a quick change of outfit if required. Our photographers target the lighting and backgrounds to suit your purpose.
When applying for a position with an AIRLINE, the applicant is asked to provide a head and shoulders image as well as a full length photograph with a white background. Something resembling a uniform can be worn. Ladies might wear a dark skirt, white blouse and perhaps a colourful scarf. Men might wear a suit, white shirt, with a colourful tie. All of this contributes to a positive image being presented to the AIRLINE interviewing officers.
When applying for a job in GERMANY, a first rate portrait is required, usually 35x45mm with a half length composition. This portrait should be quite formal and certainly suitable for the type of job application in question. For instance if the application is for the LEGAL PROFESSION, the portrait should reflect the serious nature of this activity. For an ENGINEERING/TEACHING position perhaps something more academic might fit the bill. The portrait should be constructed from all of these components to give a favourable impression.






For LINKEDIN, something relatively informal is best, but still reflecting the client’s profession and position within their organisation. The idea is to present the individual in such a way that a prospective client will feel very positive regarding the individual’s abilities. We’ve all seen LINKEDIN photographs that have been shot on someone’s phone with the person looking less than switched on! These photographs are critical in bringing new clients to your company, why would you allow a second rate phone snap to be your online image. Get the best image possible, call us today.
FACEBOOK images can be fun if it’s your personal page. For business purposes it’s best to go with something relaxed but with an implication of professional competence. Come in to our EDINBURGH studio to have a chat and we can plan something great for either application!


Finally, with the FILM INDUSTRY really taking off in SCOTLAND (STAR WARS, OUTLANDER, THE AVENGERS etc). A MINI PORTRAIT sitting is ideal for actors and extras requiring a professionally taken series of HEAD SHOTS to show to agents. We also provide a similar service to THEATRICAL actors and actresses who require photographs in a hurry.
Book a MINI-STUDIO and present yourself in the most positive way you can.
Once the MINI PORTRAIT has been shot, we create a PASSWORD PROTECTED webpage for you to choose the images required. The webpage is up and running within 24 hours and is online for at least 6 months. You can refer to it when needed. Total cost including 2 fully corrected JPEG images is £39.50. You can see more examples here !