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High Constables Of Edinburgh

Group Photography Edinburgh
Ward X of the High Constables of Edinburgh decided to have another group photograph done. The last one was 10 years ago! The High Constables date back to 1611 and were the first official Edinburgh police force. They now escort the Lord Provost on official occasions and provide a ceremonial presence at various events such as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Riding of the Marches.
The photograph was taken at the City Chambers and the Constables are wearing their ceremonial attire of morning suits, white gloves, top hats and of course their batons! On each lapel, you will see the Badge of Office, identifying each Constable with a unique number. You will also notice a lady member of the Ward. The Society is now open to Lady Constables who wear their own uniform and bring a new dimension to this ancient order.

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